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enchanté ★ sugar complex

drogué avec des bonbons.

Shockers enter our world and destroy us, and there's no room for comfort in your touch~
Everyone calls me Andi, even though I prefer my full name Andrea. I'm a super duper shorty sizing up at 5'2". I'm 19 but I consider myself ahead of the game. I love k-pop and Japanese culture. I'm indeed very crafty/hands-on and have this blog to indulge my small bit of secret narcissism. Reading means much to me and more than anything, I love to write.

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6% dokidoki, alice in wonderland, angelic pretty, animal crossing, anime, antiques, art, asian dramas, baking, baroque, beauty and the beast, blood dupre, blythe, bunnies, cawaii, chocomint, classic literature, classic lolita, cosmetics, crafts, crux, cute stationery, cute things, deco, deco den, deco-den, decoden, decora, disney, disney princesses, diy, dollhouses, dolly kei, dorama, drawing, eric dill, eyeshadow, faeries, fairy kei, fairytales, fantasy, flea markets, gamecube, garden mazes, gardenias, gardens, glitter, glow in the dark, graphic design, gyaru, harajuku, heart no kuni, hello kitty, hime, history, jane austen, japan, japanese street fashion, jpop, jrock, kamio, kamio japan, kaname kuran, kandi, kanon wakeshima, kawaii, kdrama, kim hyun joong, kitschy jewelry, kpop, krock, lee joon, lewis carroll, light up stuff, liz lisa, lolita, lullabies, make-up, makeup, makeup artistry, manga, matt bomer, mblaq, megahouse, metamorphose, miniatures, mori girl, music, music boxes, musicals, my little pony, my littlest pet shop, nds, neon colors, nintendo ds, no min woo, online shopping, oshare kei, otaku, otome games, ouran highschool host club, papercraft, paris, park jung min, pastel colors, penpals, pink, pixel art, playful kiss, plushies, pokemon, polly pocket, pomeranians, popples, pound puppies, q-lia, re-ment, reading, regency, rococo, roses, sailor moon, san-x, sanrio, sewing, sheep, shinee, shopping, skip beat, sleeping beauty, south korea, spank!, ss501, stationery, steampunk, stickers, sweet lolita, sweets, sweets deco, tea parties, the little mermaid, tokyo, toys, trinkets, vampire knight, video games, vocaloid, white collar, writing, yumeiro patissiere