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lolita this-or-that~ ♡
Hello! :D This isn't really much of a first post but ah well~
I've adored the fashion for awhile now, and only just recently got up the guts to
decide to get into it, so lolita clothes posties will be coming eventually! <3
Here's a little This-or-That, courtesy of peachie_angel!! I adore her~ :D

~1. BtssB or Angelic Pretty? Angelic Pretty :3
~2. Innocent World or Mary Magdalene? Mary Magdalene TxT such a cruel question ;~;
~3. Bodyline or Anna House? Bodyline.
~4. All-Out or Casual? All-Out!!! :D
~5. OPs or JSKs? OPs.
~6. Flats or Heels? >x< i wuvz both D; Flats.
~7. Knee-Highs or Overknees? Overknees ^___^
~8. Headbows or Hats? Headbows <3
~9. Cardigans or Boleros? Boleros!
~10. Gloves or Deco Nails? Gloves.
~11. Modern Sweet or Old-School Sweet? 50/50 for me ;~; though it might be Modern Sweet just a smidgen more >.>
~12. Gothic or Kuro? Gothic.
~13. Guro or Shiro? Shiro~
~14. Country or Classic? Classic.
~15. Hime or Deco? Deco :3 but only if it's not absolutely OTT.
~16. Shoulder Bag or Handbag? Handbag!
~17. Cupcake skirt or A-Line skirt? another 50/50.. TxT *sigh* I suppose Cupcake.
~18. Gold jewelery or Silver jewelery? Silver~
~19. Pearls or Pendants? depends on the style/day ._. maybe Pendants just a witto more though? heh~
~20. Prints or Patterns? Prints :3
~21. Daily Lolita or Sometimes Lolita? Daily!!! :DD

welp, that was fun and distracted me from my boredom for a little ahah ^___^
I am indecisive! yes? :]


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