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❀「mini hauls and birdcages」❀

            So I spent about 15 minutes outside yesterday, taking the pictures of my new decorative cage/terrarium thing for this post, and I was no less than FROZEN when I came back in. Life sucks... Today it's supposed to be 18*F with a 12* windchill!! I mean don't get me wrong, I love me some winter and cold, and I'd say "Hey I'm up for it!" if it would just snow, or at least last until Christmas (or New Year's, but I knoooow that THAT kind of hope would be pushing it)....but according to the weatherman, it's not. Cue serious depression. ノ(TдTノ) For Christmas it's supposed to be in the mid 70s. I am officially displeased and praying hardcore that the weatherman will be WRONG! 


            This past Monday (the 6th), I took a trip out of town to get some more sweets deco supplies and fabric for...bow making! I just can't stop piling more and more on my plate hehe ^^; I picked up some polymer clay for JUST sprinkles and chocolate chips.  Now I won't have to worry about rationing out my resin clay OR having my clay dry out before I can make enough--if those packs don't make a ton, someone's getting their ears bitched off. Making them from air dry clay is a pain and a half And I definitely DNW to try making them from resin cause I haven't opened my only pack yet since that shit is expensive and imported and I need to save as much of it as possible, plus I don't know how opaque the color gets when mixing in acrylics and I don't want to experiment with it cause it is, again, freaking expensive and imported...back on topic.  I went mainly for more Hearty clay but they only had one pack ~apparently the manager is only allowed to order and stock one at a time because it's pricey~ so now I have to wait until after Christmas to order the packs I need online. Major bummer, buuut I guess I'll live.

            Then yesterday I took another trip, this time to the coast, for some Christmas shopping, which was fun, but I didn't make it to Michael's for the Swarovski crystals and cork bottles I've been trying to get for the past month and a half.  Though I did manage to snag some NYX cosmetics, which helped cushion the blow of the no-Michael's news. Quadruple yay for newly opened Ulta stores! Next best thing to getting a Sephora, and I'm kind of glad we didn't get one instead. It would break both my heart (in a good way!) and my pocketbook...and everyone else's too cause I'd probably be asking for gifts from there left and right heh. n___n My next post will be of some pictures and swatches of what I got! I'm super excited about it I'm going back after Christmas with whatever gift money I'll be receiving. There goes my plans of saving up for once in my life...==; I have willpower problems.

            For the past 3 to 4 days I've been working on a little decorative project for my new room, and I must say it turned out as nice as I imagined.  (I hope so-- I've certainly got enough damage on my fingers from dealing with raw wire!) It took me what felt like forever, and I had so many problems to deal with ~wire falling out of styrofoam birds and dragonflies, anyone?~, but I think it was worth it. I don't know if anyone's done anything like it before, I'm sure they have, but I personally haven't seen anything like it, so as far as I'm concerned, I conjured up the little idea on my own. I wanted something very "gothic garden" inspired (is that even the right description???) where the cage looked like it had been placed outside and had been there for awhile.

..excuse the harsh digital camera flash

lit - side 1 & 2

inside shots 1, 2 & 3
and you can't see it (I suck at taking pictures, period)
but beside the farthest blue bird in the second picture is a purple dragonfly.
I had such problems with that one yet I can't even manage to remember
to take a picture at an angle that shows it.

            I have two reviews and a swatch post planned for posting, and I've got a second birdcage ~yes I already know that I like to go insane with things~ that I've got to put the ivy/flowers and lights on. I'm a busy, busy bee. 

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Thanks for the add~ Nice to meet you! Your journal is very interesting to read! <3 <3 That birdcage is the prettiest thing ever...You need to make a tutorial for one! That would be so awesome, because it's so gorgeous. @-@

No problem! It's nice to meet you too ^-^ and thank you so much <3 I hadn't thought about making a tutorial..but I think I just might!

Oh my. It's GORGEOUS. I have a similar birdcage with many flowers and birds but the LIGHTING up aspect ... that's beautiful~ >3

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