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a short entry to fill the void..
            I haven't posted an entry in forever..I'm so unbelievably lazy.. eheh (´`;;) I'm currently busy figuring out my own wishlist and shopping for others gifts. I love Christmas so much! Really, winter in general puts me in such a lovely mood, even though Thanksgiving hasn't even passed yet. >__>'' I'm also excited for a CD release on Thanksgiving day (Park Jung Min's. anyone familiar with the k-pop group SS501 knows who I'm talking about!) :3
            As far as my own wishlist goes, I actually have two. One that I'm actually asking for, and one I'm just having fun thinking about! Really bizarre, right? The practice of being decisive sucks, but I'm doing it for my own good. The first real list is full of stuff I have needed/wanted for awhile now, while the second list is just full of everything I don't truly need or have just stumbled upon recently (but still don't really need). I just enjoy daydreaming a bit too much eheh
            And then something else I'm struggling with is shopping for particular people. There's so much to choose from, but when you add a picky, all around difficult person to shop for into the equation, everything just gets so much harder. A test to my patience it is definitely!

            Anyways, I have so much stuff I want to make entries out of, but I procrastinate so much! I have a problem when it comes to that D: Like imported game ~mainly DS &PC~ reviews, tutorials, collection posts and the like. Oh well. I guess ending my procrastination will have to be my New Year's resolution!!

            Meanwhile, I stopped by Claire's yesterday and picked up this ridiculously cute panda hat. My mom laughed and said it was cute but when she was my age, she wouldn't have been caught dead wearing it..==;; whatever! xD

isn't it just the cutest thing!? :3

I think I want a collection of these little guys...next, I want a furry white hat with kitty ears


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