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goodies and photos!! ~her whisper is the lucifer~
            yay! I finally got a fraction of what I need for my sweets deco crafting yesterday :3 I was too lazy to take a picture of it all, but really I don't need to, since it's just boring stuff. it was basically just ring bases, ball chains, barrettes, acrylic paint, hearty clay...stuff like that. going into hobby lobby is always such an ordeal; so many things to be distracted by...*~* I did buy some puffy stickers! one set of stickers are copies of littlest pet shop characters, I'm pretty sure..
            & I scored an adorable pair of victorian era-esque ankle boots at goodwill for 4 bucks. love finding bargains like that! it's always so exciting to go into that store. :D AND...there was this cute little yellow/white plaid bubble skirt there, but it was the tiniest bit too small, and I wasn't sure I had anything to make an outfit cute enough with it. :l I think that means it's time for more yellow accessories...>_>;
            also went by books-a-million. it would've taken up too much time [we were somewhat limited with time....and very limited on funds..] if I went looking for all the books I've been meaning to buy, but I did manage to get an alice in wonderland set of playing cards and some cute japanese sweets puzzle erasers! I've been collecting them since it became easier to find them in the states. :) & I was going to buy a hello kitty sticker book and littlest pet shop coloring book since they were both on clearance, but I didn't since I needed that money for the craft supplies..=\ I think the sticker book was $7 or $8 and the coloring book was $3 or $4.
            we ate at red lobster for lunch. it was pretty average, but I was obsessing over the waiter we had when we ate there last time [he looks like jake gyllenhaal, for pity's sake!], and managed to get his last name from our super friendly waitress..*shifty eyes* then before we left, I told the waitress "next time you see him, tell him [his name is matt!] that andrea says hi!" ^-^ my full name's pronounced ahn-dree-uh, so it would certainly stick. obviously he doesn't know my name or who she'll be talking about, so that will certainly drive him nuts mwahahah....>;3 and she preceded to tell me she definitely would and she would probably see him later that night. I can only imagine how that conversation went down: "by the way, andrea says hi!" "*weird face* andrea who?" "i don't know. i didn't get her last name." "*goes mad trying to figure out who andrea is*" hehehe :DDD
            anywaaaays, summing it up, it was a very simple but fun day.


full outfit shot. i'm in love with all the color <3
(had to bow my head so you could see my hair and bow..==;
my bun apparently slid back on the car ride there? *huffs*)

close up to show my make up...

bonus photo purely for the tradition that is the mirror picture!

the puzzle erasers I snagged at the bookstore :3

and the stickers! the two bigger packs are from hobby lobby;
the others are the ones I bought from wal-mart last week..(they were cute and I just
got them last week, so I felt I should add them!)

and there you go!~   I'm unsure what I want to do for my next post...either some sort of inspiring picture collective post, a photo post of my collection of miniature tea sets, a tutorial [makeup? graphic?], or something else.....thoughts? :]


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