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☆ ~Re-Ment/MegaHouse wishlist~ ☆
So... clearly, I'm in a very wishful/list-y mood lately! I always like browsing around and finding things I'd like to have then making a list of them for future reference, i.e. for holidays and when I'm just not broke. :D

This seems almost as long as my lolita brand wishlist....oops. sorry. *~*
I'm just a dollhouse miniature FIEND... and I've been like that since I was a little girl, so Re-Ment and MegaHouse are a dream come true for me.

I'll (hopefully =_=) have a job VERY soon so I'll have the ability to shorten these lists ehehe ^_^;
And a normal, lengthy blog/rant will be happening soon. I just wish too much I think..*bricked*

- Re-Ment
Am I A Dog? set (except #4)
Animal Stories set (except #2)
Bread & Butter set
Candy House set
Candy Shop set
My Cats #4, #6 & #8
Chocolate Shop set
Come On Panda set
Disney 50's Café set
Alice in Wonderland Sweets Mascot set
all Disney sets [[Sweet Bakery, Deco Cakes, Go! Go! Grocery,
Mogu Mogu Sweets, Pretty Café, & Vintage Tableware]]
Donuts to Go! set
Fairy Tale Dishes set
Flirty Pink set
French Treats set
Friendly Puppies Mascots set
Elegant Sweets set
Gyu Gyu Pets set
Heart-Shaped Sweets set
all Hello Kitty sets [[Loves Cooking, Eating at Home, Stationery]]
Sanrio Character Sugar Icing Cookie Mascots set
My Sweet Recipe set
Cake Shop set
Sanrio Little Twin Stars Starry Sky Party set
Make-up Box set
Fruit Wave set
Merry Strawberry set
U.S. Mini-Sweets set
Mushroom Paradise set
Pretty Placing set
Rainbow Deli set
Strawberry Sweets Mascots set
Tea Time Collection set
Teddy Bear's Housekeeping set
Have A Bite! set
Uttori Sweets set

- MegaHouse
Dach's Coffee Shop set
Pop'n Kitchen set
White Bear Ice Cream Shop set


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