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enchanté ★ sugar complex

drogué avec des bonbons.

*who doesn't love a good giveaway?
it's been a dang long time! I need to force myself into the pattern on blogging regularly, darn it! D: I have lots and lots to post about and plan on doing that very soon. I have just recently taken my first step into the fashion of fairy-kei...so excited to post more on that!

BUT! right now this post is to show you all this exciting giveaway by dynamitelily.blogspot.com/! n3n
I'm super pumped about it--some of the items being given away include an adorable/spunky one-piece, some cosmetic related items and WOO~ crafting/stationery stuffs. I love giveaways with variety! :D Anyways, if you wanna participate, just click here. ^^

Soo I'm hoping everyone's enjoying their spring weather; I sure am! ..even though it was sweltering hot today...=w=
and if your spring has yet to come, here's to hoping it comes very soon! :]

Pokémon loveee~~
Meme taken from floette /terryrose! :)
As you may or may not notice (unlikely), I am very indecisive. And yes, I am unashamed that I picked many of the pokémon simply because I find them irresistibly adorable and/or bad-ass.


Favorite Types Meme!


Jigglypuff & Teddiursa


Victini & Vulpix




Vaporeon & Marill


Emonga & Altaria


Shikijika & Leafeon




Shimama, Pachirisu, Mareep, Pichu, Pikachu
(yes, five.)








Articuno, Lapras & Spheal






Shandera & Drifloon






p.s. Have a very Merry Christmas!


Review: BestFromJapan.com
~bestfromjapan.com review~

            First off, I'm writing this review for the people that have found this website already, but were unsure about ordering from it because there aren't (or weren't) any reviews or mentions of the site--at all!

            Since the end of spring, I'd been searching and comparing deco websites for what seemed like forever. I came across bestfromjapan.com, a craft supply webstore owned by A-Smart Corporation, a company running out of Japan. All the etsy/independent sellers that imported Japanese clay, molds and the like that I could find seemed all ridiculously overpriced, and here I am, stumbling onto a site that's prices seem too good to be true (at least for an overseas buyer). So I look and look for reviews or even just a MENTION of the site anywhere on the internet...and of course, come up short. Did I want to be scammed? Hell no, but I was so desperate to get my money's worth (stupid, I know), I took a chance and ordered.

❀「mini hauls and birdcages」❀

            So I spent about 15 minutes outside yesterday, taking the pictures of my new decorative cage/terrarium thing for this post, and I was no less than FROZEN when I came back in. Life sucks... Today it's supposed to be 18*F with a 12* windchill!! I mean don't get me wrong, I love me some winter and cold, and I'd say "Hey I'm up for it!" if it would just snow, or at least last until Christmas (or New Year's, but I knoooow that THAT kind of hope would be pushing it)....but according to the weatherman, it's not. Cue serious depression. ノ(TдTノ) For Christmas it's supposed to be in the mid 70s. I am officially displeased and praying hardcore that the weatherman will be WRONG! 


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a lovely giveaway [that isn't mine]~
Okay, I've never been one to enter many giveaways, cause I pretty much remain hopeless in that area ehe ^^; buuutt this giveaway over at Universal Doll has me a bit overexcited! Adorable false eyelashes and an ALPACA PLUSHIE!!! How could I (or anyone else for that matter) resist such a thing!? go check it out now! :] ~definitely crossing my fingers to win though LOL

a short entry to fill the void..
            I haven't posted an entry in forever..I'm so unbelievably lazy.. eheh (´`;;) I'm currently busy figuring out my own wishlist and shopping for others gifts. I love Christmas so much! Really, winter in general puts me in such a lovely mood, even though Thanksgiving hasn't even passed yet. >__>'' I'm also excited for a CD release on Thanksgiving day (Park Jung Min's. anyone familiar with the k-pop group SS501 knows who I'm talking about!) :3
            As far as my own wishlist goes, I actually have two. One that I'm actually asking for, and one I'm just having fun thinking about! Really bizarre, right? The practice of being decisive sucks, but I'm doing it for my own good. The first real list is full of stuff I have needed/wanted for awhile now, while the second list is just full of everything I don't truly need or have just stumbled upon recently (but still don't really need). I just enjoy daydreaming a bit too much eheh
            And then something else I'm struggling with is shopping for particular people. There's so much to choose from, but when you add a picky, all around difficult person to shop for into the equation, everything just gets so much harder. A test to my patience it is definitely!

            Anyways, I have so much stuff I want to make entries out of, but I procrastinate so much! I have a problem when it comes to that D: Like imported game ~mainly DS &PC~ reviews, tutorials, collection posts and the like. Oh well. I guess ending my procrastination will have to be my New Year's resolution!!

            Meanwhile, I stopped by Claire's yesterday and picked up this ridiculously cute panda hat. My mom laughed and said it was cute but when she was my age, she wouldn't have been caught dead wearing it..==;; whatever! xD

mixed victories... ❤ I need you »you need me« ❤
            I just found out Aromaleigh, one of my favorite independent makeup companies, was harassed into shutting down! you can't imagine my disappointment and rage at finding this out. but enough of that. today was a wonderful day besides.
ONWARD!Collapse )

goodies and photos!! ~her whisper is the lucifer~
            yay! I finally got a fraction of what I need for my sweets deco crafting yesterday :3 I was too lazy to take a picture of it all, but really I don't need to, since it's just boring stuff. it was basically just ring bases, ball chains, barrettes, acrylic paint, hearty clay...stuff like that. going into hobby lobby is always such an ordeal; so many things to be distracted by...*~* I did buy some puffy stickers! one set of stickers are copies of littlest pet shop characters, I'm pretty sure..
            & I scored an adorable pair of victorian era-esque ankle boots at goodwill for 4 bucks. love finding bargains like that! it's always so exciting to go into that store. :D AND...there was this cute little yellow/white plaid bubble skirt there, but it was the tiniest bit too small, and I wasn't sure I had anything to make an outfit cute enough with it. :l I think that means it's time for more yellow accessories...>_>;
            also went by books-a-million. it would've taken up too much time [we were somewhat limited with time....and very limited on funds..] if I went looking for all the books I've been meaning to buy, but I did manage to get an alice in wonderland set of playing cards and some cute japanese sweets puzzle erasers! I've been collecting them since it became easier to find them in the states. :) & I was going to buy a hello kitty sticker book and littlest pet shop coloring book since they were both on clearance, but I didn't since I needed that money for the craft supplies..=\ I think the sticker book was $7 or $8 and the coloring book was $3 or $4.
            we ate at red lobster for lunch. it was pretty average, but I was obsessing over the waiter we had when we ate there last time [he looks like jake gyllenhaal, for pity's sake!], and managed to get his last name from our super friendly waitress..*shifty eyes* then before we left, I told the waitress "next time you see him, tell him [his name is matt!] that andrea says hi!" ^-^ my full name's pronounced ahn-dree-uh, so it would certainly stick. obviously he doesn't know my name or who she'll be talking about, so that will certainly drive him nuts mwahahah....>;3 and she preceded to tell me she definitely would and she would probably see him later that night. I can only imagine how that conversation went down: "by the way, andrea says hi!" "*weird face* andrea who?" "i don't know. i didn't get her last name." "*goes mad trying to figure out who andrea is*" hehehe :DDD
            anywaaaays, summing it up, it was a very simple but fun day.


☆ ~Re-Ment/MegaHouse wishlist~ ☆
So... clearly, I'm in a very wishful/list-y mood lately! I always like browsing around and finding things I'd like to have then making a list of them for future reference, i.e. for holidays and when I'm just not broke. :D

This seems almost as long as my lolita brand wishlist....oops. sorry. *~*
I'm just a dollhouse miniature FIEND... and I've been like that since I was a little girl, so Re-Ment and MegaHouse are a dream come true for me.

I'll (hopefully =_=) have a job VERY soon so I'll have the ability to shorten these lists ehehe ^_^;
And a normal, lengthy blog/rant will be happening soon. I just wish too much I think..*bricked*

- Re-Ment
Am I A Dog? set (except #4)
Animal Stories set (except #2)
Bread & Butter set
Candy House set
Candy Shop set
My Cats #4, #6 & #8
Chocolate Shop set
Come On Panda set
Disney 50's Café set
Alice in Wonderland Sweets Mascot set
all Disney sets [[Sweet Bakery, Deco Cakes, Go! Go! Grocery,
Mogu Mogu Sweets, Pretty Café, & Vintage Tableware]]
Donuts to Go! set
Fairy Tale Dishes set
Flirty Pink set
French Treats set
Friendly Puppies Mascots set
Elegant Sweets set
Gyu Gyu Pets set
Heart-Shaped Sweets set
all Hello Kitty sets [[Loves Cooking, Eating at Home, Stationery]]
Sanrio Character Sugar Icing Cookie Mascots set
My Sweet Recipe set
Cake Shop set
Sanrio Little Twin Stars Starry Sky Party set
Make-up Box set
Fruit Wave set
Merry Strawberry set
U.S. Mini-Sweets set
Mushroom Paradise set
Pretty Placing set
Rainbow Deli set
Strawberry Sweets Mascots set
Tea Time Collection set
Teddy Bear's Housekeeping set
Have A Bite! set
Uttori Sweets set

- MegaHouse
Dach's Coffee Shop set
Pop'n Kitchen set
White Bear Ice Cream Shop set

lolita burando fan-list!
Thought I'd do a post just for fun of all the brand prints/designs I'd consider myself a pretty big fan of. :)

Angelic Pretty

Kimagure Vanilla Chan 50's JSK - black or sax
Milky Planet OP - lilac or yellow
Wonder Cookie OP - white, sax or
dark blue

Sugary Carnival OP - sax or lilac
Miracle Candy OP - pink or sax
Secret Tea Party Set - sax or pink
Candy Fairy OP - pink or black
Puppet Circus OP - white or wine
l à la Mode OP - sax
Dreaming of Macarons OP - mint or yellow
Glitter Trump OP - pink
Nakayoshi Bunny OP - pink
Fruits Parlor OP - mint, red or pink
Chandelier Print OP - white or wine
Ribbon Mille-Feuille OP - white
Cherry Berry Bunny OP - pink or
Georgette Frill Symphony OP - pink or black
Dreamy Doll House OP - lilac or pink
Marionette Girl OP - black, wine or sax
Dessert Collection OP - white
Jewelry Jelly OP - black or mint
Royal Tailor OP - pink or wine
Chiffon Drape JSK - lavendar or pink
Dream Doll JSK - black or white
Star Night Theater Bare JSK - night blue or black
Country of Sweets OP - pink
Pretty Powder Rose OP - pink/rose pink

Creamy Soda Pop OP - pink or mint
Sugar Rose Cake OP - sax
Alice's Royal Tea Party set - pink or sax
Mary's Sweet Sheep Pattern Ribbon JSK -
Aristo Kitty Skirt - sax
Embroidered Pocket JSK - pink
Bunny Milk and Snow Strawberry JSK - brown, sax or pink
Merveille Doll JSK - pink
Friend Usakumya Judy JSK - off white, pink, yellow or mint
Lovely Sweet Room Babydoll JSK - ivory, pink, brown or
Alice's Portrait Pearl JSK - sax or
Masquerade Theater JSK - navy, red or black
Baby's Longest Name/Pup-in-a-Cup JSK - sax
Candy Country Alice JSK - pink
Hide-and-Seek with Missin' Alice JSK - sax or

Ribbon Ribbon Hello Kitty JSK - pink×white
Ribbon Gelato JSK - pink
Elenoir JSK - sax
Ribbon Ribbon Corset JSK - sax
Heart Marble Chocolate and Sugar Coated Cookies Tiered JSK - off white or sax
Circus Tutu JSK - pink
Twinkle Snow Crystal JSK -
Merry Sweets Castle JSK - black

Blooming Garden Tulle Pinafore JSK - pink
Swan Lake JSK (II) - pink or cream
Little Bear's Cafe JSK - pink
Sweet Park OP - cream

Innocent World

Roman Trump OP - green
Georgette JSK - pink
Annette JSK -
Olivia JSK - maple pink
Elise OP - sax
Classical Square OP -
pale green×beige
Royal Crown Embroidery OP -
tea time blue×beige
Cherry Cat OP -
Puppy JSK - pink
Angel Land JSK (93cm) - beige×blue

Mary Magdalene

Yekaterina Corduroy OP - wine
Saint Claire OP (88cm) - rose
Rose Border JSK - pink
Latia Frill JSK - sax
Artemisia OP - rose
Adrienne OP - mint
Lolotte OP - navy
Apolonia OP - sax or wine
Claudette OP - light blue

Victorian Maiden
Fairy Check Doll JSK - peacock
Rococo Classical Doll OP - rose or gray